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Charitable Giving

Grunt Style Charitable Giving...wait what? You didn’t know we existed, did you? Well, we do! Making T-shirts is just part of what we do. We want you all to know that we stand ready to support you and your mission, not just in word but in action! Therefore see the below details on how we can help you accomplish your mission whether you’re still Active Duty or you’re pressing forward as a veteran/patriot.


You are us, we are you. Whether your platoon Leader found is his/her way off the land nav course to do something for the troops that is better than pizza, or a spouse or child wanting to send a little piece of home to that awesome hero down range, you matter most.

First Responder
We cannot ‘Thank You’ enough. No matter what line you protect, from the Fire Department to the EMT’s that preserve the laws and people that make up this great nation, your fortitude deserves recognition.


Your time in service has ended but you are still the blood of this Great Nation that maintains Freedom. You answered the call so we answer yours.

First Responder
It never leaves you, thank you and like our Military Veterans, our nation owes you more than it could ever understand.

We can and will take part. When possible we will donate items to your cause, but, please keep in mind that we have our duty first. Once it is completed we will assess the rest of the requests.

Note: Grunt Style does not do monetary donations. “Pride in Self, Pride in Military, and Pride in Country,” does not have a dollar sign attached to it.