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Mystery Hoodie

Mystery Hoodie

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Additional discounts do not apply to this item.

WARNING:Due to this shirt being a mystery, the material is unknown. IF you have any allergies to certain fabrics do not purchase this shirt.  At this cheap price, no other discounts will apply.  We have to keep the lights on!

This is offered as a Unisex option for a classic sleeve fit for men and a relaxed "Boyfriend" fit for women.

You pick the size we pick the design (hint: it won't be a giant question mark in the middle of the shirt). There are a limited number of designs in the mystery bin at any given time. If you order a large quantity, you may receive duplicates.

Due to your unwavering loyalty, we want to play a game. The rules are simple. You purchase the mystery hoodie and we will send it out to you. The size of the hoodie is your choice, the color and design is up to us, could be a pullover,maybe a sweater, or if its your lucky day a jacket too.

Your time starts now. Are you patriotic enough to play?

Your mystery hoodie/pullover/sweater/jacket may be a discontinued design or a unique one of a kind item that just barely missed our high standards due to the FNG.